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AAAP Annual Meeting

Psychiatric Times is covering the 2014 American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry Annual Meeting, December 4 through 7. Here, you will find the latest writeups, Q&As, videos, podcasts, and news relevant for the treatment of addictive disorders.

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Medication misuse and alcohol abuse are a huge problem in the US, and women and the elderly are not exempt. In this Q&A, an expert touches on the epidemiology, recognition, assessment, and treatment of substance use disorder in these two populations.

In this brief video, an expert summarizes the effects of marijuana use on the teenage brain, as well as new strategies to discuss the consequences of drug use with adolescents.

In this commentary, the author states, “We must get back to treating the whole person, not just his brain circuits. The brain is involved in all we do and what we are, but it is also itself influenced by our psychology and social context.” Care to weigh in?

Because at least 10% of the US population suffers from a substance use disorder in any given year, the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry has expanded its longstanding Board Review Course in Addictions to a more inclusive “Addictions and Their Treatment” course.

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